Why we love Halloween!

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Why we love Halloween!

Like everyone else growing up in Australia, I didn’t get what all the fuss was about. That was until October 2018 when we were living overseas with two kids aged 5 and 6 and dragged to a neighbourhood Halloween Street Party. The entire experience ended up being one of our most cherished memories from living abroad and had so many developmental benefits for the children.

  1. It allowed them to express their creativity and imagination - on the lead up to the party the kids spent days planning the decorations and their costumes. They got creative with their arts and crafts supplies and a collection of other bits and pieces, and made their own outfits. They decorated the house creatively in a mix of store-bought items as well as their own creations.
  2. It taught them self confidence – initially they were uncomfortable knocking on a neighbour’s door but the fun of it all helped them overcome their fear it in no time. 
  3. It was fun and safe opportunity for them to socialise - Our neighbourhood became so much more friendlier, we met some of the parents from their school and the kids ran about laughing and screaming with their friends (with me tagging closely behind).
  4. It aroused their curiosity of other cultures and traditions - the event opened up conversation surrounding the origin of Halloween and various other cultures and traditions celebrated around the world.

Four years on, we still look back fondly at the photos from our first ever “real” experience of Halloween, and the Playful Pumpkin book is our little tribute to this wonderfully unique event.



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