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Brainy Bunny Book

Please note this is a guide only! Our books are designed for open ended play the number of ways to play is only limited by your child's imagination! However, if you're ever looking for some ideas for interactive or structured games to play with your little one, here are some ways in which you could use the Brainy Bunny book to further your child's learning.

Cognitive Concepts

The Brainy Bunny book introduces cognitive concepts such as name recognition and spelling, numbers to 12, counting, colours, shapes and time. If these concepts are new to your child, introduce them gradually so they don't get overwhelmed. Eg. To introduce numbers, start by showing your child the first five numbers on the clock. Use the ladybugs, beads and fingers page to demonstrate counting to five. Slowly build on this skill by adding more numbers and using pieces from other pages (such as shapes, planets and ladybugs) as counters.

Following Instructions/Focus and Memory/Sequencing

Ask your child to do an activity in a particular order (eg. Place the circle on the sun). You can add extra instructions such as "before you put the circle on the sun, put the triangle on the tree." The Brainy Bunny routine page is perfect for practising sequencing and improving focus. You could first have a talk about Brainy Bunny's day. Then ask your child to act out the day following the same sequence. To introduce the concept of time you could start by talking about day and night time activities and then what times these activities happened.

I Spy Games - Colours, Beginning Sounds

I Spy is another great game to play with any of the books in the Wondertivity range. Introduce your child to colours - "I spy something red on this page" and for beginning sounds - "I spy something that starts with L"

Imaginative Play and Story Telling

Every page in the Brainy Bunny can be used to inspire a game of imaginary play or story telling. On the planets page you could talk to your child about an adventure into outer space, meeting an alien and discovering exciting new planets. Use the pieces in the book as props and use them in different pages. The Brainy Bunny finger puppet could run into the little alien from outer space and develop a little friendship! Create dialogue between the characters! The possibilities are endless.

Emotions and Self Care Pages

The Brainy Bunny includes a page for emotions. Ask your child to use the pieces to make different emotions and talk about a time when they felt that way. The self care page allows your child to practice simple self care skills using buttons, hooks and buckles.

Age guide: 3 + due to the presence of small parts.



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